The Power Of Connections

We listen and strategize with our clients to help connect them with suitable resources to accomplish each of their projects. We at KB Connections want you to be empowered to reach your goals, your dreams and to prosper. We take great pride in making the right connections and directing you to the right resources. Not only that, but we at KBConnections vet all of our resources to ensure you are getting a connection of quality and a right match.

There has been an increase in dog ownership since the pandemic, we’re bringing in professionals in their fields to share their information about being a Paw Parent or a future Paw Parent. This insight call is intended to raise awareness of topics that people may be unaware of.


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We All Need Help to Reach The Next Level.

I’m Kendell Battle. I Assist with Connecting Clients With Resources That Accomplishes Goals.

Connections We Can Assist You With

Public Relations

Which includes but isn’t limited to: marketers, writers, and social media manegement.


Which includes but isn’t limited to: sole proprietorships, LLC owners, and nonprofits.

Real Estate

Which includes but isn’t limited to: realtors.


Which includes but isn’t limited to: graphic designers, IT administrators, and web designers.

Business Management

Which includes but isn’t limited to: accountants, management consultants, and retailers.

Medical Professionals

Which includes but isn’t limited to: nurses, social workers, veterinarians, pharmacist, and mental health.


Which includes but isn’t limited to: lawyers.


What Clients Are Saying

“Today we celebrate and thank KB Connect, their business name should tell you what they specialized in 😊. EBI thank you so much for being with us through out these years. Thank you for all the resources you connect us with. You Rock 💫"

Leticia Nortey